Create winning ads with AI Actors

Generate 100s of winning videos from text.

Get your first video ad generated

๐Ÿ”ฅ The best performance marketing teams are using Arcads ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly video ad production:

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No back and forth communication with creators

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Get your AIย video ads in seconds

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For a fraction of the price

Take full control of the outcome

Transform your ideas into emotional, realistic, and captivating video ads.

Captivating scripts

Editable and tailored to engage, our scripts are the foundation of impactful ads.

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Engaging AI Actors

Choose from a library of 100s of attention grabbing AI Actors.

Bulk Creation

Quickly Generate dozens of variations to experiment and succeed at scale.

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Revolutionary Tool for Growth Marketers

Arcads is a game-changer for creating ads! It transforms text into videos using AI actors, saving time and cutting costs. Perfect for marketers who need quick and high-quality ads.

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Streamline Your Marketing Success

Thanks for transforming how we work! Arcads has streamlined our workflow and elevated our content at Kompanion. If you want to simplify your marketing and see real results, youโ€™ll love Arcads.

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Marketing specialist of Kompanion

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Efficient and Effective Advertising Solution

Initially doubtful, I'm now convinced by the AI's authentic video ads that outperform our past content. Its rapid creation of varied ads is a major asset for dynamic marketing.

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Creative Director at a Digital Marketing Agency

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